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What does an “evergreen” content mean to the success of your website?

In today’s digital age, Google rank is pivotal to the success of any business. This search engine giant uses a wide array of methods to identify which web pages are displayed first in the results. While their exact formula is under wraps, still there are various ways you can do to kickstart your ranking. This is better known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

As with any SEO techniques, the content comes first, which is why it is always important to push for an “evergreen” content. Learn about this on the later part of the article.

Sad to say, there are no quick and easy SEO strategies that will make your website rank to the top of search engine results. However, here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you boost your site’s SEO results in the least possible time.

Use Appropriate Keyword Phrases

A keyword phrase is basically a set of words you will likely type into a search engine when looking for answers. Thus, incorporate keywords in your content, but make sure to not overdo it. Let them appear natural as much as possible in your articles.

If you think that the keywords are becoming too obvious and awkward, then they probably are. You may seek help from someone to go through your page and recommend what they think your keyword phrase might be. Google Trends is a good starting place for you to check what phrase is gaining popularity within your niche.

Consider the Density of Keywords

One of the components that Google examines when it sorts out web pages is the density of the keyword usage. In simpler words, how often the keyword occurs. Don’t try fooling Google search by using the same phrase again and again or making text “invisible.” This for sure will get your rank down. In worst case scenario, your website may even be banned.

Publish Evergreen Content

You will definitely want your content to take the leading spot in your niche, so create relevant and valuable content that your customers will need and want.

A content – whether a piece of article, an image, or a video – that is of high quality is the sole driver of your search engine rankings. Chances are, there are no other alternative for excellent piece of information than the content you have in your website. To ensure your site’s authority and relevance, gear your content toward your target audience.

Additionally, it is crucial to create a content with great substance instead of those that are trendy so people can use it for the years to come. Trending topics, while they are hot and popular, can only last for so long. People tend to dispose them once they lose their interests.

In other words, build your content in a way that web users will still be checking them out even 10 years from now. If you think of it, you can earn linkbacks for a decade.

Keep your Content Fresh

As with any SEO content writing, keeping your articles up-to-date is the key. Search engines, particularly Google, feel pretty strongly not only on the content’s quality, but also on its quantity. Regularly updated content takes a site’s relevancy to a momentous position.  So, consider keeping it fresh.

Latch on to Links

The amount of links pointing to a certain page is one of the factors that determine the relevancy of a webpage. If your page has 100 quality links leading to it, chances are it will be levelled higher than the one that only has 10, as per Google’s estimation.

Google also looks at hyperlinks assigned within your website, as well as checks out words you use in links to help ascertain the content of your page. Instead of saying, “click this website for more tips”, it might be beneficial if it appears like this: Learn more tips on how to effectively improve your website’s Google ranking.

Similar with keywords, do not overdo links. A page that is crammed with a list of links is nothing but a spam.

Step into Social Networking

While social media sites don’t give clear results as to how much they can affect your rank directly, they are still great platforms where you can promote a site. And since Google is the boss in SEO, Google+ promotion has probably the most impact. With that in mind, make sure to create a social-friendly content to achieve a massive deal of traffic from social networks.

Don’t forget to add video clips, images, photos and give your content captivating headlines.

Hire a Specialist

It is advisable that you employ an SEO company or a freelance expert to establish an effective strategy to raise your rankings. Given that the updates from Google Panda have made the SEO landscape even more difficult to produce results, it will be a smart move to outsource this task to the professionals.

These are only a few of the many strategies for elevating your search engine ranking, but the essential keys depend on determining your target audience, the usage of relevant keywords and the publication of compelling and valuable content. Do this consistently and you’ll eventually be reaping the bountiful rewards of your hard work.


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