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Building an Engaging Social Media Campaign Can Never Be Easier with These 6 Easy Steps

Now that you have finally decided to start a campaign through social media, where do you start?

Social media campaigns can be a sure pain in the neck with all those things you need to keep in mind. However, the process can be as simple as a walk in the park if you have a comprehensive social media plan set in place. This means every post you make on Facebook, every tweet you publish on Twitter, or a simple like and comment on other social media platforms is guided by a plan, and that each activity you tackle leads toward you determined goals.

In other words, whatever step you make on social networks, it should be in line with your social media marketing strategy. This might sound complicated, but in doing so you are guaranteed that your social efforts are not put into waste.

Without going further ado, here are six essentials you must be equipped with when setting up your own social media campaigns:

Understand What Social Media Is

Among the tons of channels in the digital space, social media tops the best advertisement/marketing avenue for your business without breaking the bank. Not only does it have the power to engage your target audience in meaningful conversations about your offerings, it is also proven to be an exceptional tool to leverage your presence online, expand brand awareness and generate publicity.

Although it doesn’t convert, it has a strategic way to gather leads. For many marketers, social media is a perfect place to build your brand and reputation, promote relationships, advertise products and services, interact with and support customers, and build a community.

Establish Social Media Goals

Now that you understand the benefits of social media, it’s time to outline the objectives and goals that you want to achieve.

One of the best ways to start a social media marketing plan is by drafting at least three social media goals. Make sure to keep these goals aligned with your larger social marketing strategy. This way, all your social media efforts are directed toward your business objectives. This will also help you plan the necessary actions when your social media campaigns go slightly wayward.

When developing these goals, aim for the SMART approach. That means, they should all be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Using this approach, you are in a better position to gauge your success and track your return on investment.

Choose the Right Platforms

While there is a myriad of social networks to choose from, there is not a single platform that works for everyone. What works successfully for one business, may not work for you and vice versa.

Social platforms are merely reflections of the users’ behaviour. Each one has its own particular audience and should be approached uniquely. For example, visually-driven users are likely to be on Instagram and Pinterest. Business professionals, on the other hand, besides having Facebook pages, are probably more active on LinkedIn.

On that note, expect different types of engagement for every network.

Fine-tune Your Social Accounts

Once you have gone through all your social media accounts, choose the ones you think will fit your business and delete the ones you will barely need. Select the networks that can best serve your business and social media objectives. If you don’t have any accounts yet, build them from the ground up with your goals and target market in mind. If you already have existing profiles, revamp and sharpen them for your best possible results.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars have served their purpose for years and their usefulness has never failed.

In this digital age, using an editorial calendar can be beneficial in more ways than you can count. It can boost your content across media, streamline information, uphold internal teamwork, and helps you stay focused on the needs of your audience.

Your editorial calendar should include all the essentials, such as the dates and times for your posts, shares, tweets, pins, and other content you decide to exploit during your social media campaigns.

Besides, it’s better to create a calendar and schedule your messaging ahead of time than update your tasks constantly throughout out the day.

Test, Measure and Modify Your Plan

Before you launch any official campaign, it’ll be wise to do some testings. This may include trying out multiple paid ad options, tracking your links using url shorteners or posting lengthy content. This will help you identify which one works best. Also, through constantly testing your plan, you can easily monitor which part of your strategy needs adjustments.

Use some tools that can analyse and track your success and failures. From there, adjust your social media marketing plan accordingly. The results will help you gauge if your goals were achieved. Otherwise, you may need to revise them or find new goals for each social network.

Bottom Line:

Social Media can become an essential tool to boost your business online presence. However, in order for social media to pull the weight you need, you need an organised system. We hope that the above mentioned solutions will help you build a social media marketing campaign that effectively works.



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