Virtual Assistance

Six Valuable Interview Questions When Hiring a Virtual Staff

The recent years have shown pressing needs for virtual assistants and for many business owners who still favour the more traditional, in-office work relationships, they might need to tap the vast benefits remote assistance offers.

So if you are up for the challenge of hiring a virtual staff or a team, regardless of their location, make sure that your potential candidate is the best one for the role. Meaning, they deliver efficient results at a specified time, communicate effectively despite the time difference, and juggle loads of priorities in spite of not being in a traditional office set-up.

While first-hand referrals and work experience are excellent indicators of an individual’s abilities, doing an interview remains to hold the key for getting the most suitable candidate for the position. As such, be guided by these six interview questions when talking to potential candidates.

Have you had any experience working as part of a remote team? If so, how was your experience?

Allow the applicants to give their answers before you ask further questions. Let them feel comfortable so you can better probe into their experience and get an honest response. It is easier to get into the details of things when applicants are not feeling uneasy or embarrassed.

What type of work setup did you have?

Whether it was a home office or a coworking space, allow them to describe how their remote office and virtual workday were like. Do they work on flexible hours or they prefer working on a regular 8-5 shift?

It is also important to ask them the type of technologies they have used in the past as part of working virtually. This will give you an idea how their connection speeds were and what type of tools they have used that are valuable to your current team.

What is your ideal work environment?

It is best to hire candidates who have the real interest to work outside the office than someone who just wants the job. You wouldn’t want investing to people who are going to leave you behind once they get tired working from home. Although some people are game for anything, in reality, it is crucial to pick out those who are really passionate in doing the job remotely.

Do you have a working space where you can work uninterrupted?

While working from home can be great, it does come with its share of distractions. A job candidate may not be able to handle the task effectively if they are trying to handle the given tasks at the living room while kids or other family members wander in and out.

For your staff to improve their work quality, they must be able to shut the noise out and get things done.

To give you a better idea how a digital workplace should be and the elements it should incorporate, you may visit this website.

How do you keep current?

Asking how a prospect keeps up on industry news will shed some light on whether or not they are  proactive and motivated to be in the loop concerning the pressing issues facing your industry.

It is crucial to have someone in your team who can make the learning curve easier and faster because they already have a good grasp on what’s going on in your business.

Are you comfortable bringing up conflicts?

It is easier to deal with conflicts and talk through them face to face than online where sincerity is less felt and seen.

As such, make sure to hire candidates who are not only skillful and experienced but are also good communicators who can openly and professionally speak with you what they are thinking/feeling – not just what you only what to hear.

Otherwise, disputes can build in time and complications can go unsaid, and before you know it, things are already blowing up hard in your face.

The next time you interview candidates for a virtual job, do consider some of these questions to better assess how effective and engaged they are likely to be when working remotely. Depending on your organisation culture, a few of these questions are likely aligned with your hiring goals.


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