Digital Marketing

Tried and Tested Content Marketing Strategies

In today’s information-overloaded world, marketing executives are in continuous search for the best digital marketing strategy to promote their brand and increase their sales. Content marketing, for one, is an effective approach for businesses to introduce their products without hitting web users over the head with banner ads, advertising messages and promotional materials as seen in myriad of social media platforms.

Whether it’s a picture, an infographic, a blog post, or a video, do consider these four essential tips for an effective content marketing to help you effectively carry out your content marketing campaign in the digital space.

Set Your Objectives

The key to a sound strategy is setting your objectives. Having a set of objectives in place will guide your content marketing strategy and help you successfully connect with consumers. Without it, you’ll more likely struggle moving forward.

When formulating your objectives, it is best to use the SMART approach: Make your objectives Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. On the other hand, for new business owners who find it hard to set their content marketing objectives, here’s a guide that can help you do so.

Define Your Target Audience

So your website covers wide-ranging topics, attracting visitors on a regular basis? While this is seemingly a good thing, having a content that is too broad has lesser potential of converting visitors into consumers as opposed to having a specific niche.

Trying to appeal to everyone won’t make sense in the digital landscape. It’s better to gain a much smaller customer base that is targeted than a larger one that barely converts.

With that in mind, know who your target audience is before you start your content marketing campaign. What do they like to read? What keeps them up at night? What stories can you tell that will ignite their interest?

By defining your target audience, your time, energy and money are better invested.

Help and Inform

Your content must not only aim to inform web users of your product or service, but also to provide them with solutions. They come to your website for a reason. So instead of just feeding your customers with a wealth of information about your business, make sure that your content targets their needs and wants.

You may offer some tips, suggestions or content from other sources. You might as well take advantage of some content marketing packages on the web so you can consistently come up with informative and engaging pieces for your viewers.

Say for example, if you are selling a cloud monitoring solution, it will be a good idea to create a whitepaper explaining the hidden costs in underutilised instances. If you are promoting a lending solution for start-ups, why not offer techniques on cash flow management for these start-up entrepreneurs.

Create a Content Calendar

Considering there are a plethora of marketing channels to explore, countless of tasks to handle and a variety of content to prioritise, a content calendar is the easiest and simplest way to structure your activities, unite your team and achieve your business goals.

Through an editorial calendar, you can have a centralised document that will give you and your team a bird’s-eye-view of what is going on. This will clearly show you who’s handling the task and creating content pieces, as well as the marketing channels in which they are to be posted and promoted within.

Such type of calendar can also serve as a communication point to team members while also allowing you to visualise your marketing plan in a way that everyone can understand.

While no strategy is perfect when it comes to content marketing, the key to an effective content marketing campaign lies in your continuous efforts. Never stop tweaking your content efforts to reap the wondrous rewards of content marketing.


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