Virtual Assistance

What are the essential qualities you should seek in a virtual assistant?

There’s a world of difference between hiring an office worker and a virtual assistant.

In an office set-up, potential candidates would show up for the actual interview, giving you the opportunity to assess their answers and observe their non-verbal expressions. And it is through this way you can decide whether or not they are serious and suitable to fill in the vacancy.

Although the interview process is similar when hiring virtual assistants, the medium involved is quite different since it is often done online, like on Skype or thru email. And because online interviews give you little chances of feeling the sincerity of your recruits, it would be hard to put a finger on the character of the person.

Also, you must bear in mind that a good virtual assistant doesn’t only settle for getting things done, but finds satisfaction in giving out his or her unwavering commitment for the growth of your business. They value work ethics as much as they uphold their skills and knowledge.

So, whether you’re thinking of hiring a digital secretary or planning on replacing your actual assistant, here are the top qualities you need to look for in a virtual assistant.

They should be reliable

A reliable virtual assistant is precise and consistent when it comes to the task assigned to him or her. Since they are physically absent, they should not only guarantee to generate desired results but also to deliver what’s expected from them even without continuous supervision.

They should exhibit promptness and punctuality

It is imperative for VAs to show up promptly and meet deadlines all the time.

The interview schedule you and your potential VAs have agreed on serves as a good initial point where you can have a clear idea whether or not they value your time.

Virtual support should know how to manage their working hours and be on time especially when you are working on different time zones.

They must also have a sense of urgency in order to meet your deadlines. Keep in mind that once an urgent task is not submitted at a time you specified, it is you who will most likely suffer the consequence and not your assistant.

They should show professionalism at all times

Virtual assistants may work miles away from you, but that does not mean they should stop dressing appropriately, especially when the situation calls for. During business-related conferences, even if it is just through Skype, remote assistants must know what clothes to wear.

More importantly,  they should be able to represent your company in the best way possible when communicating with clients. Remember, your VA is an extension of your business, so it is essential that he or she is capable of carrying him/herself in a manner that will benefit your company.

They should have exceptional organisational skill

Top-notch digital assistants would do their very best to accomplish a task in a systematic way. After all, these tasks they’ll be working on will eventually reflect on you.

Remember, it takes considerable amount of time and effort to stay on top of things and you surely don’t want all your efforts to go in squander because of a disorganised employee.

People that lack organisation skill easily get overwhelmed when new projects come in and thus, they not only lead to mistakes but can also risk your business relationship among your clients.

They should be responsible for their actions

Anyone who is ready to own mistakes and fix them is absolutely for keeps. Mistakes are unavoidable but what is crucial is an employee’s accountability for his or her fault.

If an assistant admits his or her lapses and skip the blaming game, it would be easier to track down the cause of the problem and consequently find a solution at a much faster rate. Moreover, if he or she is willing to face the consequences, future mistakes can be avoided.


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