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The 5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tips for Every Business

So you’ve heard that social media marketing can lead to improved sales, better brand awareness, increased customer loyalty and more repeat business? But did you know that these successes neither come in a snap of a finger nor in multiple clicks? Effective social media marketing necessitates a great deal of time and effort.

On that note, there are simple solutions that can create a difference in reaching and connecting with your consumers. To give you a hand, here are five easy social media marketing strategies that you can add to your social media marketing arsenal and help boost your business.

Draw up a Plan

In every endeavour you need to undertake in the world of business, there must be a plan before you take the initial step. Same goes for social media. And while building one from scratch can be quite a struggle, taking the time to develop a comprehensive social media plan will likely lead you to success while saving you from the usual social media pitfalls.

Your plan must have a clear vision, goal and objectives, summarising everything you plan to do and want to achieve for your business using social networks. The more specific you can get with your plan, the more effective you will be during its application.

Post Relevant Content

While it is good to post all the time on your social media accounts so you can convey your message more frequently, keeping it in moderation is better.

Do keep in mind that quality always prevails over quantity.

Internet users are increasingly becoming impatient, wanting to read things that are worthy of their time and are interesting and relevant to them. So if you want more eyeballs on your site, give searchers more good stuff to find – that is, offering them well-written articles.

To ensure that you don’t bombard your followers with repetitive posts, create your own content categories so you can monitor the specific types of posts you are releasing.

Engage with Your Customers

Social media is a two-way street; it demands engagement and interaction. Unlike with traditional advertising where you wait for response after setting out your message in public, social media is more conversational and centred around the idea of a community.

Silence is no longer an option in today’s connected world. If you don’t initiate or engage in conversation with your target audience, you risk losing them. So upon creating your social media channels, your first priority should be about building relationship with your customers and not pitching your product or service. This in turn establishes credibility while building trust and inspiring customers to make referrals.

Write Blog Posts

Every serious business should consider writing blogs for their business. You may use your most popular tweets and Facebook posts to create blog posts. Keep it simple yet valuable to your readers.

Alternatively, read other people’s blogs, newsletters and other online publications that are  relevant to your business. You have probably accumulated opinions while reading them, so go ahead and leave eye-catching comments. This won’t only pave the way for improved brand recognition, but will help you gather good materials for your next blog post as well.

Use Images Often

Visual content can act as gateways to more substantial content. Considering that the human brain processes images a lot faster than text, visual content grab the reader’s attention quickly.

Statistics have revealed that photos outperformed videos, links and texts alone on Facebook. It draws in 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs. This means that images and pictures are highly shareable and are good starting point for conversation. Simply put, through images and photos you can effectively increase your social reach.

Overall, social media marketing strategies when done effectively will not only help your business gain new customers, it will also heighten your brand and drive more revenue.


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